Temano's Signature Unveils Exclusive Services

Temano's Signature Unveils Exclusive Services
Temano's Signature presents the unveiling of her services.
(Aimed at creating awareness and solving the issues  of a wider range of audience)

Temano's Signature is an online business that helps to bridge the gap between consumers, products, and services by implementing less than 24hr fast mobile and comfortable access to bare necessities even at the comfort of their homes. It is also a platform that assists young and rising entrepreneurs to gain more access to business deals, build proficiency  and advertise their content to the world at large.

Our service  is targeted at helping families, working class, singles/single parents, students and other businesses with the issue of busy schedules, limited resources and difficulty in accessing desired product and services at pocket friendly rates.
Customers Quote: Temano signature has been on social media  and I decided to use them for out door photography the quality of service was superb , they delivered on time,and their personel attitude fair. If more progress is made,
I will not hesitate to dive in and utilize your platform once more.
With our challenges so far we still deliver our best and it is with this effect, we will like to unveil out services to the world at large.

Our Services:
  • Make-up ; weddings, engagements, anniversary, birthdays etc.
  • Hair dressing (wig making, barbing)
  • Manicure & Pedicure 
  • Branding (distribution of branded and unbranded shoe, bags, clothing  products)
  • Photography (outdoor and indoor)
  • House keeping (temporary/permanent house staffs, laundry, car wash, offices and after event clean ups)
  • Event planning (event/interior decorations as well)
  • Catering (outdoor and indoor, home deliveries)
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