Oche Jonkings - Oghene Doh (Live)

Oche Jonkings - Oghene Doh (Live)
Oche Jonkings the crooner of the great song 'I RUN TO YOU' is out with another amazing, deep and rich song Oghene Doh (Live).
The studio version was earlier released in 2019.
Oghene Doh (Thank You Lord) is a song of appreciation to God who fights our battles, both seen and unseen and gives to us the victory hence the lyrics;
LYRICS: Oghene Doh (Live) by Oche Jonkings
Verse 1:
Lord You fight all my battles for me
Some I can see, Many I cannot see
And You give to me the victory
Lord you win and I win too
You overcame and I overcome
Oghene Doh Doh Doh
Oghene Doh Doh Doh
For the battles You won for me
Doh Oghene Doh
For the miracles You bring my way
Doh Oghene Doh
Verse 2:
You fight my battles both great and small
You fight my battles seen and unseen
Lord You fight my battles and I hold my peace
For the victory You bring, doh Oghene doh
For the miracles You bring my way
Doh Oghene Doh
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"Oghene Doh (Live)" Lyrics & Mp3 Download by Oche Jonkings

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