Edward Patta & Gmix - Loveey Lyrics & Audio

Edward Patta & Gmix - Loveey Lyrics & Audio

From the stables of Jife Nation, Edward Patta & Gmix starts up 2020 with their highly anticipated single “Loveey”.
This addictive song will indeed bless the hearts of listeners all over with its heavenly sound.
The artist also hints another major EP release coming shortly after this.
Loveey ×3
I never see
This your loveey ×3
I never see

See the boy Wei dey underrate oh
You show me love when I misbehave oh
My life be like ship wey you navigate oh
Oh my God I dey appreciate oh

Ahhh...see the boy them be underrate
How I got to to the top they can't figure it
See as my life be like ship wei you  navigate
You bless others through window
But for me you open gate

My life is yours Signed, sealed, delivered I'm yours
Like Microsoft you don make me excel
You watered my life like ijebu garri
And I'm grateful to you coz the boy don dey swell

You gave me
Too much juice, too much sauce
Too much grace, no more law
Too much win, no more draw
I'm above like the ceiling
Too much height, no more flaws (floor)

(Back to chorus)

Verse 2:
Praise the lord oh
If I say I never see this kind of love
Abegi no dey say na lie o
And e be like say nothing fit stop this love
This love potion confirm oh(confirm oh)

Oh...You pick me up and set my feet so 
No...no weapon formed against me can prosper
Oh why?...you dey give this kind of love wei no get limit and 
I can't explain why you give this kind of love wei you give oh

(Back to chorus)

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