Enyo Sam & Mimshach - Far Away Lyrics & Audio

 Enyo Sam & Mimshach - Far Away Lyrics & Audio

Oh oh oh oh oh oh yeah
He no go ever fall your hand oh
He no go ever leave you stranded
He no go ever leave you hanging, hanging

Like a mother to child oh oh
Na dey way my God dey feel for you uu
Things e no dey, easy for you
Make you put your hope on
The one wa no go fall your hands

Pre Chorus:
No matter the struggles
No matter conditions
No matter the troubles
I want make you know say
He's not far away

Far away, my God's not far away from you
Far away, yea yea yea yea (2x)

He's a faithful God
He took me from a dunghill and made me a king I am like oh my God
So no matter what I go through sindiwopa 
(I am not afraid)

Ali nane mkatimu sakuchoka
(He is inside me and not going out)
Chikondi chake ndichakuya zedi 

(His love is so deep)
Chilibe mathelo ngati XYZ 
(It doesn't have an end like XYZ)
So in trouble, I praise because I know that He fights my wars
Greater is He inside, I will fear no Jericho
I am born of God, I go through walls
Me and God are oneness
He's lives inside of me He's not far
Praise my fortress He fights for me so who shall I fear huh?
I am a son of the king I am kinging
See me walking on fire no burning
I am anxious for nothing because
I am always winning
I am always winning

He no dey sleep oh
No matter the weather
No matter the time oh oh (2x)

When you call on Him
He will answer, answer
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