AmaHumble - Ceaseless Praise Lyrics

AmaHumble - Ceaseless Praise Lyrics

Pa ra ri ra pa ra ri ra Pam Pa re da 
Pam Pam pa re ta ra re Pam Pam re da

I can’t thank You enough for all 
You’ve done for me
Words are not enough to show am grateful
You made a way where there is no way
You open doors no man can shut (x2)
Eh eh…

Pa ra ri ra pa ra ri ra
Pam Pam pa re da Pam Pam
pa re pa ra re Pam Pam re
What I have to give
My ceaseless praise (x3)
I bring to You
My ceaseless praise (x3)
For all You’ve done for me
Take it all lord You desire them all
Refrain chorus

Chukw obioma eh
Odi onye Dika gi
I’ve search all over the world no one else like u yehhhhh
Agam e buru hallelujah guru hallelujah bu gara gi eh
Oh it is my ceaseless praise.
Repeat: I can’t thank You enough

Repeat Chorus
Mmmmmm ohhhhhhh
Wetin I go give, wetin I go to You my God 
I’ve come to give u praise take it all oh God.
Refrain chorus

"Ceaseless Praise" Lyrics by AmaHumble
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