GT Maestro - Arugbo Ojo Lyrics

GT Maestro - Arugbo Ojo Lyrics

Oh Oh Oh
Oh Oh Oh 
Oh Oh Oh 
You Are God 

Verse 1:
Heavenly lord you are wonderful 
you are marvelous, marvelous
Obataori, talodabire? Oh my God! 
You made the stars the sun the moon the sea
Beginning and the end, Alagbara Laye, Obatoka
Angels bow before you

In the heveans and the earth, there is none like you 
Rock of ages, as old as you 
You will never change, because you are on the throne 
Let our hearts exalt you

Bow before you and worship you
Master of the universe 

Arugbo Ojo 
No one like you
Ka bi.. esi 
Be glorified 

Eledumare, Oyigiyigi oh 
Kabiosi Oh, Ninugbogbo Alagbara Laye 
Three In One One In Three, Ologo Meta Oh
Emini Ti Nje Emini, Emini Ti Nje Emini 

Oluwa Atobiju Agbanilagbaton (x2; Response x4)

worship him
There is none like you Oh God

Oh Oh Oh 
Oh Oh Oh 
Oh Oh Oh 
You Are God 

(Our father who art in heaven, halloweth be your name)

Forever your word is settled
Eledumare, Kabiyosi, oyigiyigi oh
Emini Nje Emini that is who you are) 

Oh Oh Oh 
Oh Oh Oh 
Oh Oh Oh 
You Are God
"Arugbo Ojo" Lyrics by GT Maestro
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