Aje Sounds - Thank You Lyrics

Aje Sounds - Thank You Lyrics

Chorus 1:
When I wake up in the morning,  its you I see (x2)
in the shower, its you I see
everyday of my life lord, it see you I see
All around (x2) me
its you I see eeee

I throway salute for Baba
twale, twale, twale baba
three gbosa gbosa gbosa fun Baba aaaa
(REPEAT Chorus1 and Bridge)

Chorus 2:
To the left, to the right (x2)
are you ready
Thank you,
For all you have done Baba, Thank you
you light up My world Baba, Thank you
I give you the praise Baba, Thank you
Thank you.
ohhhhhhhhh Thank you

"Thank You" Lyrics by Aje Sounds

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